Resurrection Meditation

There is no death as we see it.  Death is a transformation, a rebirth, a shedding of the transient earthly experience and returning to harmony.   Each human death is a magnificent resurrection, a return to the divine origin in our pure form, a return to our true self.  A rebirth into a higher plane […]

Love & Inner Power Meditation

We are surrounded by miracles, we are supported by the Universe, our resilience and the well of resources within ourselves is limitless.  Grief is not the whole of us, it is in fact a very small part of who we are, right now.  Each human is a beautiful, spacious universe and our true nature is […]

Forgiveness prayer

In the Russian Orthodox tradition, today is the Sunday of Forgiveness (and gratitude).A day of healing and cleansing, followed by renewal of Spring. The seeds we sowed will start coming to fruition. I forgive those whose hearts were not always open to mine, those who could not be there for me when I was grieving. […]

The heart

My heart has the power to forgive, anything My heart is loving and expansive, and all knowing It has endless capacity for love and peace A whole world dwells within It has capacity for full acceptance Of anything that may occur When such happens, there is a release of suffering And consequently pain And a […]

Love dwells where you areAnd oceans share their dreams with youYou are flying again and your flight is freeAnd you hear singing of birds Perhaps you are reading an old dusty bookOr learning something fun about mushroomsMost certainly, you are dancingAnd, with a big smile on your face You are not lost or burdened anymoreAnd […]

Of you…

I miss the touch of your gentle fingers The sweet caress of your lips on my lightly trembling body The feeling of your whole self, pressing against me tightly And your dark skin enveloping me like a soft cloud. Would you let me fall into your arms And sway me gently in the ocean of […]


The day today is feeling a blessing – Scent of flowers gently touching my skin And my heart, Filling me with joy. Berries are bursting with ripeness Ready to be plucked and tasted. Blue forget-me-nots are the color of my soul. Shall we walk a wooded path Towards a quiet blue lake And watch the […]