Nature meditation

Walking softly on one of my favorite trails, I find peace and a lightness of being.  I feel love in every little creature I come across, in the gentle movement of a leaf and the soft sunlight touching the needles of pines on the ground.  I sit by a running creek for a while, and […]


I no longer feel you around I no longer feel connected with you Other than the warm memories you left in my heart The gentle reminders of your spirit, and one of your special smiles. Sometimes I wonder what you are doing up there, where the souls dwell Possibly, flying about watching the stars or […]

You are not who you present yourself to be And not aware or willing to be aware of the glaring discrepancy Between who you are and who you want to think you are. You are neither kind enough, nor gentle or thoughtful enough You are mostly centered around yourself And not able to love a […]

Resurrection Meditation

There is no death as we see it.  Death is a transformation, a rebirth, a shedding of the transient earthly experience and returning to harmony.   Each human death is a magnificent resurrection, a return to the divine origin in our pure form, a return to our true self.  A rebirth into a higher plane […]

Love & Inner Power Meditation

We are surrounded by miracles, we are supported by the Universe, our resilience and the well of resources within ourselves is limitless.  Grief is not the whole of us, it is in fact a very small part of who we are, right now.  Each human is a beautiful, spacious universe and our true nature is […]

Forgiveness prayer

In the Russian Orthodox tradition, today is the Sunday of Forgiveness (and gratitude).A day of healing and cleansing, followed by renewal of Spring. The seeds we sowed will start coming to fruition. I forgive those whose hearts were not always open to mine, those who could not be there for me when I was grieving. […]