Soul Meditation

Meditation on a special painting – thank you Mashulya Its Life here, which is everything, Containing the complete spectrum of colors, All embodied experiences, Life that is a continuous weaving, breaking and Reweaving of intricate patterns, Endlessly converging and diverging, Creating a beautiful tapestry of life.

Love song

Love will always forgiveIf it is love.Your heart it could not ever leaveIf it is love. It can not have a drop of sinIf it is love.And to divine touch akinIf it is love. It is like tender, sweet caressIf it is love.And it will save you, and then blessIf it is love. And it […]

Thank you

Thank you for the way you touched meFor uncovering parts of myself that needed to be known.For being exactly as you were,Not the way I wanted you to be. For your softness, for patience,For loving your son.For your endearing smile,For being simple. For your kind heart, even if muddied,For trying to be true to yourself,Or […]

Yellow leaf

The other day I came across a yellow leafA single leaf dangling on a string of a spider’s web.It caught my eye and touched my heart And made me think of you, just as alwaysAll beautiful things make me think of you. Your heart feels to me just like this-A gently trembling leaf on a […]

A leaf I found in an old book..

The delicate shape of a leafIts veins that carry lifeThe magnificent design full of intricate detailMakes me want to touch the world. Such that it flutters and bends gently, inwardly – Before returning to its original shape – Kind of like a soap bubble filled with colors of the rainbow would –If one touches it without any forceWith […]

What do I think about

What do I think about –The falling starsThere is one now –As silent as my soul is sometimes. And so briefly it illuminates the heavensAnd the journey ends – its path extinguished. Don’t ask me please where the star has goneDon’t say a word, don’t even breathe.I feel – it brilliantly shatteredAnd gently covered the essence of my soul.